Flaktrap Psychotic

by Aaron of Live 12

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Since the late 2000's, I have hated this derogatory genre, primarily due to the repetitive formula of it's extreme themes.
A side product.
A large amount of people I know have been enjoying Trap and the variants. From my position currently, the deep commercialization just makes this genre of music around 500% worse than 18 months ago. Now if only former Crunkcore lovers would be at desperation point to revive the Crunkcore of the late 2000's and compete with the Trap genre... again.
Trap had a fluck load of terrible and torturous artists, and Crunkcore as well.
Here's the point about my release, it has nothing to do with mixing both Trap and Crunkcore together. I was and I still am the human being who basically gives the ratio of approximately 20 to 1 to waste your shallow lives away. The numbers will more often than the opposite be incorrect and in the case of who is telling the truth with numbers, only to do your mathematics work and do it correctly is one path of many, to success and the forward motions.
I will sum up this EP with this effective quote. 'Trap. What a pussy genre.'


released August 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Aaron of Live 12 Geraldton, Australia

An individual project who creates graphic designs and music at the current present. Hates most forms of Mainstream media.

I'm considered an alternative digital composer to many. I create music as an entertainment interest.

The Mainstream - to be released when it's ready.

Aaron of Live 12: SN on Google+, Music project on Soundcloud, and Tumblr.
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Track Name: Flaktrap
Dude, you did trap.
What a pussy genre.