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by Aaron of Live 12

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There are to date 2 and a half digital releases from me, and I'll get straight with people who accessed this release. We are the few in number who access the internet to listen to underground music genres and low profile music. Due to the nature of most of the music in the mainstream, I had a clear reason to join this culture of underground music and find a new outlet for creativity, as I previously tried animation and continuously lost interest of it. I'll leave this story to anyone who actually cares about the message of what the best methods of music are. Each individual musician has a path, and anything can happen while traveling it.

Proceeding with actual information about this release.
The first release title came during the period when I composed the first song from this release, 'At the Press of Pure Rave', under the title 'Sense of Mental Rejuvenation' in February 2012. I had a limited knowledge of the whole creation process, and taught myself to grow from base samples to composing in a wide range of styles. After developing a deeper knowledge of the music creation process and composing dozens of experimental files, it came to me to actually put out a digital album and play the music to anyone I could share it to, and this process was difficult for me, because of the lack of people and friends I had, and that I stayed in a room using a computer, often feeling depressed. With calling the release 'Sense of Mental Rejuvenation', I never felt that it would be a suitable title because the title would naturally define a calm feeling, and with the majority of the compositions being heavy, it would mislead people to thinking I'm releasing a relaxing release in the cover where the content mostly contained rave style music. The title change was a unanimous one.

I mentioned at the start of my comments that I released two whole albums. I just prefer people to read detailed and mature comments of any item and not try and be cheap and short. I never even mentioned this album being the first of the two albums I have currently completed. I'm finished with the comments, listen and enjoy please. And for the people who can't appreciate the underground music, it was still an attempt to listen to something different.


released February 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Aaron of Live 12 Geraldton, Australia

An individual project who creates graphic designs and music at the current present. Hates most forms of Mainstream media.

I'm considered an alternative digital composer to many. I create music as an entertainment interest.

The Mainstream - to be released when it's ready.

Aaron of Live 12: SN on Google+, Music project on Soundcloud, and Tumblr.
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