by Aaron of Live 12

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I created 3 versions of the same composition, each made exclusively for listener's preference. For me, it's been a while since confusion came with releasing a single or grouped release. A story where if you can piece it up from my official sites, explains most of what I was going to rewrite here. Search around me and the track, and read more about it...

More information about this release to be written in due time.


released July 23, 2014




Aaron of Live 12 Geraldton, Australia

An individual project who creates graphic designs and music at the current present. Hates most forms of Mainstream media.

I'm considered an alternative digital composer to many. I create music as an entertainment interest.

The Mainstream - to be released when it's ready.

Aaron of Live 12: SN on Google+, Music project on Soundcloud, and Tumblr.
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Track Name: Showpony
(Growling) Showpony.

Show. po. ny. (in various sections)

(Ending part 2) [Breathes heavily then shouts] I'm not done yet!

(Intro to Part 2) Rock it up.
(Part 3) (Background) Listen to the dude..... I said listen to him!
Track Name: Showpony (Non Vocal)
Same version as the vocal version except for the main vocals and the line 'I'm not done yet!', replaced with a downpitched 'Showpony' sample.