by Aaron of Live 12

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(Archived comments)

Placed this here since, I've barely returned to the computer and composed more releases in the past few months. Have been taking the majority of my time videogaming and researching stuff since there's not much in this society I'm personally comfortable or remotely happy with. And I should get into the circles again, learning where the other atheists, intellectuals, dark but positive types, and proud introverts lie.

A straightforward Ambient Techno track. A track I produced in quick sessions in April, via the name 'April 24', recalled 'Cooper', which was to originally have been in an EP full of Ambient/Chill music. Not to say it may not happen in the near future, I've currently have been dry on both creative and instrumental ideas. The few I have created between May and now, don't feel nor sound as good as I initially expected upon repeated listens. The only real exceptions to the rule were two tracks. 'Cooper', this track, and an upbeat Trance track, under an F Major main key, that the tracks are still rendered in FLAC and high quality audio formats, yet without any clear knowledge in why the LMMS file I compsed it under, had not been backed up on a portable hard drive and in turn been erased permanently. Yep, and the idea mainly came from the 'Koopa's Road' track in Mario 64.

And more importantly, the internet plan that I used to be on had stressed me to a great degree in between May to September. Still, it'll be a while until I put all these experiences in written form. Yep that is all with the way I've been, and with this track in general. Below is the base information.

Title: Cooper (original production name: April 24) | Length: 6:05 | Genre: Ambient Techno | Key : G Major | Tempo: 90bpm | Program: LMMS 1.1.3

(additional information)
Cover art - 5-10 minute creation. Created and uploaded here on July 31, 2016.




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Aaron of Live 12 Geraldton, Australia

An individual project who creates graphic designs and music at the current present. Hates most forms of Mainstream media.

I'm considered an alternative digital composer to many. I create music as an entertainment interest.

The Mainstream - to be released when it's ready.

Aaron of Live 12: SN on Google+, Music project on Soundcloud, and Tumblr.
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