by Aaron of Live 12

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If you enjoyed the day, good, no matter your mindset. This track is not to exploit 'April Fools' day, given the date this was created, I personally do not care of the celebration which I consider meaningless and for a specific demographic.
Just made for amusement, a simple but catchy 'Electronic Metal' piece, containing some of the typical patterns that form this track, vital in terms of it all working in unison. These being a common drum kit with mostly synthetic samples/instruments, the closed hat and snare drum being part of a real drum kit. It will take repeated listens to pick both, with the hi-hat pitched a few notes higher, the snare unmodified, and a section where I put pitch automation on the drums in the halftime breakdown. Other common items, a sine bass used in the breakdown, in fusion with my 'growling' vocals with effects. All done strictly on a 4/4 time signature.

For the week since updating the LMMS program to version 1, outside of a new user display, my biggest one that I appreciated the most being the more stable use of VSTs, with both the built-in VST generator and Effects in the effects panel. It is clear in terms of audio production, I'm not very concerned on the increase of sound quality, and structures, it seems obvious it has peaked a few tracks ago. It now becomes a statement to where my imagination takes me for what comes with the professional qualities and to keep these specifics as the standard. A few others I'll leave for someone to fill this blank.

[Additional info:April 6 2015]: Cover Art updated with darker background and [AFT01] tag, added after the '#Crash' track art had the [AFT02] tag on it.

Duration: 34.46 seconds or 28 bars @ 195bpm | Genre: Electronic Metal | Tempo: 195bpm | Instruments/Automation Effects: 13/4 | Individual effects used: 32 | Music program and version: LMMS v.1.00


Fool! (x2)

(All credits of lyrics: Aaron of Live 12)


released April 1, 2014
Production and rest of what you hear by Aaron Woods (Aaron of Live 12).
Music program used for composition: LMMS v.1.00 (Very recent release).
Track rights reserved to Aaron of Live 12. Free to listen and share for personal use.



all rights reserved


Aaron of Live 12 Geraldton, Australia

An individual project who creates graphic designs and music at the current present. Hates most forms of Mainstream media.

I'm considered an alternative digital composer to many. I create music as an entertainment interest.

The Mainstream - to be released when it's ready.

Aaron of Live 12: SN on Google+, Music project on Soundcloud, and Tumblr.
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